Northeastern Women’s Soccer Team Gives Behind-the-Scenes Look at Preseason Preparation (Video)


Getting ready for a Division I college sport takes a lot of preparation. Although you may watch only an hour or two of gametime each week, those student-athletes and coaches are putting in hours upon hours to get ready both mentally and physically.

To get some insight into that preparation, Northeastern Univeristy is producing "Huskies Unleashed," a behind-the-scenes look at some of the work the Huskies are doing to get ready for competition both on and off the field. The first installment features the women's soccer team.

The first week showed us the opening meeting with second-year coach Tracey Leone addressing the 18 returning players along with nine freshmen.

The video series will also look at specific players, with Week 1 focusing on sophomore Hannah O'Donnell and her fight to come back from three ACL tears. O'Donnell also described the dreaded "YBMI" fitness test, which stands for "You better make it."

After less than half the girls completed on time the first day, Leone brought them back out on the second day to try again, with improvements across the board, even in the inclement weather.

To check out the entire behind-the-scenes look, watch the video below.

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