There's a lot that can happen between now and the end of Major League Baseball's regular season. New teams could emerge as contenders, while other teams could falter and miss out on the postseason entirely.

But as it stands, the Red Sox have a pretty good chance of reaching the playoffs, whether it be by winning the AL East or earning a spot via the AL Wild Card. If and when they do reach the postseason, the Sox could wind up facing either the Detroit Tigers or the Texas Rangers.

Each of those two teams offers something unique. Texas' offensive capability is on par with that of the Red Sox and Yankees, while the Tigers feature one of the game's premier pitchers in Justin Verlander.

NESN Nation wanted to find out which team Red Sox fans would rather face in the playoffs. Check out the video above to hear some fan responses, as well as which team Nate Hinchey thinks would create a more pleasant postseason experience

Which team would you rather see the Red Sox face in the playoffs?

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