An Open Letter to the World of Liverpool FC From


An Open Letter to the World of Liverpool FC From Good morning, good afternoon, good night, wherever you may be. 

It brings me great pleasure to write this letter and introduce myself to the world of Liverpool FC. My name is Marcus Kwesi O'Mard, and I have recently joined My focus will be on all things Liverpool FC, the English Premier League and the world of soccer. 

About me

What is there to say? I’m a Bostonian. A born-and-bred Bostonian that happens to be soccer/football/futbol mad. Like you, I spend all day watching, reading, talking and thinking about the game and have done so for a long time. 

I have covered soccer in various capacities for over 10 years and consider it a privilege to devote my time and energy to giving you all the Liverpool/EPL/soccer news you can handle. 

What to expect will bring you unparalleled LFC coverage. While I'll remain an objective moderator and curator, we will bring your voices — you fans and supporters — forward to tell the story of the club. 

  • Reporting: We will cover LFC more closely than ever. Every bit of news we get our hands on will be reported, analyzed and debated. That's a promise.   
  • Live game coverage: will bring you in-depth coverage of each Liverpool FC game that includes previews, live in-game blogging and match reports. It will be just like being on the field — without being on the field. 
  • Features (old and new): has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, and we will add LFC coverage to the mix of our existing features. We’ll also unveil some new ones with LFC taking the lead.
  • We need you: If you have questions, concerns, story ideas, fun facts or anything else to say, feel free to do so. This can’t happen without your input, so get on Facebooks, Twitter, email and the rest, and give us a shout. 

Boston and Liverpool: The Twinning of Cities

The red half of Liverpool and the city of Boston are in this together now. Our beloved Red Sox and LFC share parents, so we might as well start pulling for one another. New England has taken to soccer and Liverpool like never before in the last year. 

Though Boston is living a charmed sports life at the moment (with each major team winning championships in the last decade), make no mistake about it: We know pain. We know suffering. We know heartache. Success hasn't always defined us. Ask around if you don't believe me. 

This is love on a two-way street. We need you to be our eyes and ears, looking out for news, rumors and scoops, while adding your voice to the mix. will be your trusted source for LFC coverage. We'll look at things with a critical eye, and represent you on this side of the pond. 

So as a show of gratitude and humility, I offer this gift to you. Ladies and gentlemen, Ray Charles.

Yours in soccer,

Marcus Kwesi O’Mard 

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