Editor's note: Every day leading up to the start of the 2011-12 season, NESN.com will post one fight from the 2010-11 Bruins season. At the end of each week, fans can vote for what they thought was the best fight of the week, and after every fight has been posted, they can vote on which fight was the best of the year.

This wasn't one of those fights where the players just skate around each other, stalling the game. Following particularly aggressive play along the boards, Shawn Thornton and Kyle Clifford immediately dropped the gloves and went after each other, creating a fight that produced a lot of tough punches.

Clifford managed to get Thornton's helmet off rather quickly, and continued to beat away aggressively at Thornton's head. But Thornton recovered nicely from the early deficit — he landed one angry retaliation punch and kept up with Clifford as the fight started to cool down. Both players completed a couple of hard punches before the two bear-hugged and referees jumped in to pull both skaters apart.

Check out the video above of Thornton and Clifford going toe-to-toe, then rate it in the poll.

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