Bill Belichick Reflects on Pirate Costume From 2009, Admits He Still Struggles With Technology


Bill Belichick Reflects on Pirate Costume From 2009, Admits He Still Struggles With Technology When football fans watched the second installment of Bill Belichick: A Football Life on Thursday night, they caught plenty of behind-the-scenes football footage that shed new light on the coach. As expected, they also saw a completely new light shed on the man.

In the documentary, Belichick surprised everyone by showing up to Randy Moss' team Halloween party dressed in a full-on pirate costume. Because most folks are accustomed to seeing Belichick in a hooded sweatshirt, it was a bit shocking to see, so reporters asked Belichick to reflect on his costume on Friday.

"There probably were some other options but I was hoping nobody would recognize me in that one," Belichick said, after he was asked if there were any other calls in his costume playbook. "It was a fun night. Randy [Moss] did a good job organizing that. I think everybody had a good time. It was a good teambuilding exercise."

Belichick was also seen in the documentary struggling with something that so many Americans also deal with — changing the time on his car clock. The coach was asked Friday if he ever solved the mystery.

"That was one of the big challenges that year," he joked. No, I'm terrible at that stuff, it's bad. If I didn't have some younger people in my life that understood that, I'd be at a total loss. Really, why they can't just put a clock on the car … why can't that just be part of the dashboard? Just dumb it down for some of us."

Belichick revealed that his car troubles extend beyond the clock, too, down to his GPS.

"It would be nice if it worked. The frustrating thing is when they send you the address and say 'type this into your GPS' and then when you put it into your GPS and the thing comes up and says it's not listed," Belichick said. "OK. All that stuff is great when it works. It's all great when it works. The more stuff there is, the more stuff there is that can go wrong. But when it works, it's great."

The 59-year-old also noted that this is a problem that dates back much further than 2009.

"Great line from Curly in The Three Stooges," Belichick said. "He gets in the car and says, 'Hey what's wrong with this car? I don't know. It seems fine, the clock is working.' Back in those days, that really, I mean whose clock worked when I was growing up when you got in the car? Whose clock worked perfect?"

Hopefully, Bill's clock works well enough Sunday in Buffalo, lest he be late for the Patriots' kickoff at 1 p.m.

Interestingly enough, as much as Belichick was willing to go into detail about his costume and car clock, he didn't have the time to reflect on a monumental day in Patriots history. Sept. 23, 2001 was the day that Mo Lewis knocked Drew Bledsoe out of a game, thereby opening the door for Tom Brady. When asked if he thinks about that moment often, Belichick said no.

"Obviously I'm aware of it and all but no, I don't sit around and reflect on [it]," he said. "I don't have to write a column about it."

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