One of the more bizarre media stories of the year involved the curious non-suspension of ESPN's Bruce Feldman.

Feldman helped Mike Leach co-author a book. Feldman had received permission from ESPN. Leach was later fired and sued ESPN, and at the center of his firing was son of ESPN employee Craig James. The book was released, ESPN got upset, and Feldman went quiet.

The word was that Feldman got suspended, though ESPN later denied that. It was a suspicious situation, to say the very least.

A couple of months later, we now have a better idea of what happened, as Feldman announced via Twitter that he is leaving ESPN and joining CBS Sports. It was his first tweet since July 13 — two days before the suspension story leaked.

Feldman discussed his departure from Bristol with fellow former ESPN employee Dan Patrick.

"Feldman said when the story hit, he was told he couldn't tweet, blog, go to the SEC media day and other restrictions," according to The Dan Patrick Show website. "He said that he was on a 'do-not-book list.'"

Feldman also told Patrick that he was intially offered a three-year contract and a raise, but it was later changed to one year without a raise.

"If you're a problem for them, you can't exist in that world," Feldman said of ESPN.