Bruins’ 2011 Stanley Cup Victory Beats Patriots’ Super Bowl-Winning Drive in Fourth Round of Boston’s Greatest Sports Moment


Bruins' 2011 Stanley Cup Victory Beats Patriots' Super Bowl-Winning Drive in Fourth Round of Boston's Greatest Sports Moment Perhaps it has something to do with what happened more recently, or perhaps it's an indication of how beloved the Bruins are in Boston, but there was an upset in the fourth round of Boston's Greatest Sports Moment.

Granted, it wasn't a monumental upset, as it was a two-seed edging a one-seed, but the Bruins' 2011 Stanley Cup victory earned a win over the Patriots' game-winning drive in Super Bowl XXXVI. The voting was close, with 55 percent of the votes going to the B's, but the day that officially started a Patriots dynasty is no longer alive in the tournament, which is now down to four moments.

The rest of the field is made up of two more one-seeds and another two-seed. Dave Roberts' steal beat Adam Vinatieri's Snow Bowl kick by a 58-42 margin. Bobby Orr's goal went up against Carlton Fisk's iconic wave at Fenway, but Orr received 80 percent of the vote. Lastly, the Red Sox' curse-busting World Series win in '04 beat the memorable moment between Ray Bourque and Phil Esposito at the Garden by a 61-39 margin.

The stage is now set for an epic final four in a tournament that proves to only get tougher as time goes on.


1. Red Sox snap curse vs. 6. Esposito given No. 7 by Bourque
Red Sox snap curse (61 percent)

Back Bay

1. Pats win SB XXXVI vs. Bruins win 2011 Stanley Cup
Bruins win 2011 Stanley Cup (55 percent)

Beacon Hill

1. Bobby Orr's goal vs. 2. Fisk waves the ball fair
Bobby Orr's goal (80 percent)

North End

2. Roberts steals second vs. 9. Vinatieri's kick in the snow
Roberts steals second (58 percent)

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