Colts Should Consider Pursuing Brett Favre, Says The Indianapolis Star’s Bob Kravitz


The Colts are 0-2, which is apparently enough for some to call for desperate measures in Indianapolis.

Bob Kravitz, a columnist for The Indianapolis Star, thinks the Colts should make a call to 41-year-old Brett Favre to see if he's interested in taking over the team's offense.

With Peyton Manning sidelined because of offseason neck surgery, the Colts turned to 38-year-old Kerry Collins with a $4 million contract. But the veteran hasn't done much to silence his skeptics in the team's first two games this season, as the Colts have dropped contests to both the Houston Texans and Cleveland Browns. The Colts have struggled in many areas, but it's obvious the team isn't the same without Manning at the helm.

Colts owner Jim Irsay actually jokingly tweeted earlier in the offseason that he was in Favre's hometown.

Irsay tweeted: "Brad,I'm in Hattiesburg…is it right or left at the Firechief?" The Brad he was likely referring to is Brad Childress, the former Vikings head coach who drove to Favre's hometown last year to convince him to return for another season.

Kravitz admits it would be a desperate move to try and lure Favre out of retirment (again), but asks, "…what do the Colts have to lose?"

"Unless the master plan is to keep losing and get in a position to draft Andrew Luck — the "Suck for Luck" campaign is well under way in this town — there's nothing to lose except for some more of Irsay's pocket change," he wrote.

Kravitz also discussed the possibility of turning to backup Curtis Painter, although Colts head coach Jim Caldwell said he never considered inserting Painter into the game during their home loss to the Browns.

Kravitz, who says it's time for the team to "start throwing haymakers" in its 16-round fight this season, concluded: "Think about Favre. Consider Painter. Give Collins another game or two, then take action."

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