Daniel Bard has given up 10 runs in his last five outings after surrendering three to the Blue Jays on Wednesday in what would turn into a Red Sox loss. It's the ugly exclamation point on a forgettable stretch of outings in September for the right-hander.

It's the type of stretch that Red Sox fans have never associated with Bard at the major league level, but it's a slump that Bard admits he has had to battle through before in the minors. While the stretch couldn't come at a worse time for Boston, who is now clinging to a wild card lead, it's something that Bard expects to pass — hopefully sooner than later.

"I've fixed it before and I'll fix it again," Bard told reporters following Wednesday's game.

See the video above for even more from Bard following the Red Sox' loss to the Blue Jays.