Deon Grant Takes Dive, Embarrasses Himself As Giants Try to Slow Rams’ No-Huddle Offense (Video)


The St. Louis Rams tried to attack a banged-up New York Giants defense on Monday night by using a no-huddle offense from the beginning of their Monday Night Football tilt in New Jersey. It worked so well early on, in fact, that the Giants did all they could to bang themselves up.

As the Rams were moving the ball down field and had entered the New York red zone, Giants cornerback Deon Grant took it upon himself to slow the offense down. Grant didn't do so by recording a sack or coming down with an interception, instead he took what certainly appeared to be a dive to stop the flow of the game.

Grant hit the MetLife Stadium turf like he was shot by a sniper sitting atop the stadium, following to the ground — untouched — several seconds after a play ended. The result, of course, was an injury timeout, halting the Rams' progress. St. Louis would have to settle for a field goal.

Jack Edwards, your thoughts?

See Grant's "veteran move" in the video below from

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