Heidi Watney Says Red Sox Clubhouse 'Kind of Solemn,' But Players Still in 'Decent Spirits' The Red Sox are teetering, but the clubhouse remains a place of solidarity.

NESN’s Heidi Watney was a guest Wednesday morning on Karlson and McKenzie on WZLX, and she said that while the Sox are certainly upset, they players haven’t lost all hope.

“The guys in the clubhouse actually were in decent spirits [Tuesday],” Watney said. “They were pissed off after the game, but they’ve been kind of solemn lately. Kind of quiet in the clubhouse.”

Watney said all players have been willing to stand up and face the music, so to speak, after tough losses, with Jonathan Papelbon shouldering all the blame for Tuesday’s loss.

The hosts asked Heidi about Curt Schilling‘s belief that the Sox don’t have the horses to make it to the playoffs. Shouldn’t Schilling know about how the Red Sox clubhouse can rally around such doubters?

“Yes, I suppose so,” Heidi said. “He’s been out for a while, though.”