Michael Boley Scores Touchdown, Throws Football in Face of Sideline Worker (Video)


Michael Boley plays defense, and thus, he’s not used to scoring touchdowns. So when he found paydirt on Monday night after a fumble recovery against the Rams, the Giants linebacker reacted as such.

Boley capped his 65-yard fumble recovery touchdown with a celebratory hurl of the football. The only problem is that his pitch happened to be aimed directly at a cameraman, security guard and presumably team employee who were innocently watching behind the end zone.

The team employee (perhaps an intern even?) got the worst of it when the ball drilled him square in the face. The ball then ricocheted off the cameraman as well, just for good measure.

The victim did all he could to just wear it and not make a big deal out of it. You have to assume things would have been a bit different if Giants cornerback Deon Grant were the one on the receiving end of the blow.

See the video of the play below.

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