A recent player poll of 215 MLB players conducted by Sports Illustrated reveals that A.J. Pierzynski is the "meanest player" in the league. This comes as little surprise to those familiar with the White Sox catcher, who has constantly been involved in conflicts throughout his career.

Chase Utley, Milton Bradley, Carlos Zambrano and Vicente Padilla round out the top five. Utley's appearance may surprise fans, as the second baseman has not been perceived as a bad guy during his career.

After Alex Rodriguez, Chris Carpenter and Albert Pujols, the Brewers' Nyjer Morgan and his alter-ego, Tony Plush, come in at No. 9. Morgan has been in the news numerous times this season for his antics on the field and his interesting second personality off it.

The Red Sox' Kevin Youkilis and Josh Beckett come in at Nos. 10 and 11. The Sox' stars are both currently battling through injuries and will be essential to the team's success late in the season.

Kyle Farnsworth, Prince Fielder, Jason Kendall, and Mark Teixeira fill out the top 15.