We thought Jon Lester would be the stopper for the Red Sox. We were wrong.

Lester labored through four innings of work as a relentless Tampa Bay offense drove up his pitch count and touched him up for four runs. Now, there's no end in sight for the Red Sox rotation's troubles as the team trails big in Sunday's game.

Who will step up for the Red Sox starters now? Andrew Miller? Tim Wakefield? John Lackey?

NESN Nation's Brian Kiley is declaring this the official time to panic for Red Sox fans. The Sox remain in the chase for the division title and still lead the Wild Card by a decent margin, but the standings don't mean much when looking at how the team's been playing these last few days.

Since many Red Sox fans may have forgotten how to panic, Brian put together some helpful reminders on how to properly freak out about the team. We would tell you to enjoy them, but that doesn't seem like the right word.

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