Pacers Forward Danny Granger Really Hated the Movie ‘Drive’

The movie Drive was released Sept. 16 to mostly favorable reviews. It has grossed $21.4 million at the box office and received a 93 percent rating from the website Rotten Tomatoes.

Almost everyone who has seen it has been a fan, except for Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger. The all-star and former NBA Most Improved Player award winner shared his unadulterated negative feelings toward the movie on Twitter.

"Drive is hands down worst movie of the decade," Granger tweeted, adding: "To you people that liked Drive, get your head examined and never comment on another movie please."

That wasn't all the New Mexico product had to say.

"The only thing that stopped me from walking out was the $13.50 and the 25 bucks for a damn popcorn … #nbalockout," he tweeted. "We seriously almost walked out."

Granger's beef apparently had something to do with a shortage of lines by Ryan Gosling, whose acting responsibilities usually involve standing around with his shirt off.

"Have you seen it? Gosling may have said a total of 50 words the whole movie," Granger tweeted. "It was a travesty."

Fortunately, there is one movie Granger really, really likes.

"Warrior, however, was the best movie of the year. … Trust me…"


Gosling vs. Granger. Who you got?

Pacers Forward Danny Granger Really Hated the Movie 'Drive' Flickr: CoolHunting Project/Adam Metcalf


"Chad's been a good player for us since he got here. He and I are always working hard at being on the same page. Are we going to be on the same page as much as Deion [Branch] and Wes [Welker]? No. I've played a lot more games with those guys."
— Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on WEEI affirming his faith in wide receiver Chad Ochocinco


Aren't we being a bit premature? There's two days to go and the Red Sox only need to win more than the Rays.

Pacers Forward Danny Granger Really Hated the Movie 'Drive'


The Bayou has some cool grandmas.

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