Hey Mark Teixeira, speak for yourself. Red Sox fans don't seem to think that the games that you call "brutal" or "not baseball" are too long. In fact, they might not even be long enough.

OK, they are probably long enough, but NESN Nation doesn't see eye to eye with Tex on much else in this debate.

We asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers how they would speed up games if they could, but most fans who responded surprised us by saying that they wouldn't change a thing.

After all, if the Red Sox win, isn't it worth the wait?

NESN Nation's Nate Hinchey picked out some of the best responses we got and included them in the video. Check it out and let us know if you think the games are too long by voting in the poll below or by leaving a comment.

Do you think Red Sox-Yankees games are too long?

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