Rex Ryan ‘Wouldn’t Mind Helping’ Other Coaches Beat Patriots


Rex Ryan made a plea earlier this year for other teams to beat the Patriots. With the Dolphins and Chargers unable to accomplish that task, the Jets' head coach is willing to work a little extra if it means an "L" for the Pats.

Ryan was asked Tuesday on The Michael Kay Show in New York if he'd be willing to share any secrets with fellow NFL coaches.

"I'm not gonna give 'em our defense or anything else, but I wouldn't mind helping if there's anything that we can do," Ryan said, mostly jokingly. "I've got a ton of respect for New England, but I hope teams get up for 'em."

Ryan said that whether or not he gets any help from the other teams in the league, he still plans on beating the Patriots.

"We plan on doing it ourselves, but I'd like to have … I'd still issue my challenge out there," he said. "And like I said, don't focus on playing us. Take that preparation that you would [have] in playing us, and put it on beating New England. I think that would be a better thing. See if you can beat the big, bad Patriots and we'll see what happens."

Speaking of big, Rex couldn't help but appreciate the interception and run that Vince Wilfork had Sunday against San Diego.

"The big nose tackle made an unbelievable play right before half," Ryan said, showing how big guys can stick together, even if one's a Patriot and one's a Jet.

Still, Rex isn't rooting too hard for Wilfork and Co.

"They're certainly racking up the yardage and the points and everything else like they always do, so, that offer still stands," he said. "I just want to see some teams prove it. I mean, I'll tip my hat to ya."

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Rex Ryan was joking, but do you think such a comment warrants a call from commissioner Roger Goodell's office?

Rex Ryan 'Wouldn't Mind Helping' Other Coaches Beat Patriots

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This got me thinking … maybe the Red Sox ought to spend some time with the Bruins this week. Maybe some of that championship grit will rub off on them.

Rex Ryan 'Wouldn't Mind Helping' Other Coaches Beat Patriots

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