Ryan Braun 'Chalk' Outline Created by Teammates After Failed Inside-The-Park Home Run Ryan Braun's teammates aren't about to let him forget about his missed chance at an inside-the-park home run any time soon.

For those who missed it, the Brewers slugger was rounding third and attempting to score on a line drive off the wall when he tripped and fell before getting tagged out during Wednesday's game against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Pitchers Yovani Gallardo and Shaun Marcum teamed up with the Brew Crew's bullpen catcher before batting practice Thursday to create a "chalk" outline of Braun's wipeout in the grass along the third base line, according to the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel.

Luckily, Braun is keeping his good humor about it.

"The further I get away from it, the funnier it becomes," he is quoted as saying. "Every one of my friends who play another sport, all my basketball and football friends, are texting me, talking about lack of athleticism. I take a lot of pride in my athleticism so I've been getting a lot of trash talked to me."

The Brewers did end up losing the game 8-3, but they can still laugh about it; they currently own the largest divisional lead in all of baseball.