Several Close Calls Keep Voting Undecided Up to Last Minute in Third Round of Boston's Greatest Sports Moment Tournament Fans kept the voting close right up to the final buzzer in the third round of the Boston's Greatest Sports Moment tournament.

Carlton Fisk's game-winning home run in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series edged Cam Neely scoring 50 goals in 44 games by less than a quarter of a percentage point. Pedro Martinez's six innings of no-hit relief in Game 5 of the 1999 American League Division Series lost by an even closer edge to Adam Vinatieri's kick in the snow to beat the Raiders.

The voting will only get closer as we advance to the quarterfinals in the Boston's Greatest Sports Moment bracket.

Here are the complete results for Round 3.


1. Red Sox snap curse vs. 4. Rocky Marciano goes 49-0
Winner: Red Sox snap curse (86 percent)

6. Bourque gives Esposito No. 7 vs. 10. Ryder's glove save
Winner: Bourque gives Espo No. 7 (56 percent)

Back Bay

1. Pats win Super Bowl XXXVI vs. Thomas' stick save
Winner: Pats win Super Bowl XXXVI (56 percent)

2. Bruins win '11 Cup vs. 3. Tuck rule play
Winner: Bruins win '11 Cup (82 percent)

Beacon Hill

1. Orr's goal vs. 5. Curt's bloody sock
Winner: Orr's goal (68 percent)

2. Fisk waves ball fair. vs. 14. Neely nets 50 in 44
Winner: Fisk waves ball fair (50.23 percent)

North End

4. Pedro's '99 relief vs. 9. Vinatieri's snow kick
Winner: Vinatieri's snow kick (50.12 percent)

2. Roberts steals second vs. 6. Varitek/A-Rod brawl
Winner: Roberts steals second (75 percent)

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