If a recent study set up by The Wall Street Journal is any indication, there is certainly no correlation between being good looking and winning football games. That's because the Buffalo Bills are apparently the NFL's best-looking team despite their status as perpetual AFC East doormats.

At the request of The Wall Street Journal, researchers at Ursinus College in Pennsylvania recently analyzed the facial structure of a sampling of 320 NFL starters to come up with the results. In order to measure each team's level of attractiveness, the researchers analyzed photographs of players with a computer program that measures facial symmetry (how closely the two halves of a person's face match up).

The Bills had an average facial symmetry rating of 99.47, while the Kansas City Chiefs, who are apparently the ugliest bunch of players, had a 94.61 mark. The Patriots checked in with a 98.21 rating.

The study also revealed that kickers are the most attractive players by position, which seems to go against the common belief that the quarterback is the face of an NFL franchise. Wide receivers were the least attractive, although their 97.04 score is reportedly still much higher than that of the average person (which is in the high 80s).

Such analysis reportedly also revealed that Tom Brady is about .5 percent less attractive than his wife, Gisele Bundchen. But who's counting?