There's a growing sense of unease with each Red Sox loss. And after a 1-6 road trip, that uneasiness is starting to reach new heights for Red Sox Nation.

Most players in the Red Sox clubhouse will likely tell you they remain confident moving forward, though. Manager Terry Francona is no different.

But Francona did say that, as a manager of a team in the midst of a slump, you are concerned about everything because it's part of the job. He said that there's a line between being concerned and panicking, though.

Francona said that if the Sox are able to regroup, pay attention to detail a little bit better and do the things that put them in the best position to win, they're going to be alright.

To hear what else Francona had to say about the current state of the Sox after Sunday's 9-1 loss to the Rays, check out the video above.