Baseball has Babe Ruth. Basketball has Michael Jordan. Hockey has Wayne Gretzky (or Bobby Orr, if you’re from this neck of the woods).

All the major sports have a more or less undisputed “Greatest Player Ever” — except football. While the voting would not be unanimous if it were put to a poll, Ruth, Jordan and Gretzky would dominate the discussion.

Football’s different. Jim Brown, Otto Graham, Johnny Unitas, Lawrence Taylor and dozens of others have taken a claim to the title of “greatest ever” at some point, depending on one’s preference. It’s difficult to say whether Joe Montana was greater as a quarterback than Walter Payton was as a running back.

In a few years, though, this debate might be cleared up. On Dennis & Callahan, Gerry Callahan noted that with another Super Bowl win and maybe a couple more Most Valuable Player awards, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will hold a reasonable claim to the title of “greatest ever.”

Check out the video above to hear Callahan’s reasoning.