Albert Haynesworth: ‘I Want [Patriots] to See What I Can Do’


Albert Haynesworth: 'I Want [Patriots] to See What I Can Do'FOXBORO, Mass. — Patriots defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth said he's not satisfied with his performance so far in New England, but he's "feeling better" with his progression.

Though Haynesworth's performance is hardly linked to statistical production, he's only registered two tackles and one quarterback hit in three games this season. He's been very good in the Patriots' goal-line package, but he's been up and down in other roles.

"I wouldn't say I'm satisfied," Haynesworth said. "If I'm not making every tackle, every sack, every pass defense, I'm not satisfied. I'm OK with [my performance], but I want to definitely increase and get a lot better. I want them to see what I can do."

By that response, Haynesworth was asked if he considered himself a perfectionist.

"Yeah, even ask my mom," Haynesworth said. "I've had games when I was with the Titans, I had three sacks, a couple tackles for losses and things like that. She's like, 'Oh, how'd you play? You played great.' I was like, 'Yeah, I played OK.' I guess I will be [a perfectionist]. I want to be the best at what I do at all times. I never want to slack. If I make a tackle for a one-yard gain, I think it should have been for a one-yard loss. If I make a sack for a five-yard [loss], I think it should have been a sack and a strip and pick up the fumble."

Haynesworth said he's "still trying to shake some things" as he works his way back to shape, and "only God knows" when he'll be at 100 percent.

"The more I play, the more familiar I can get," Haynesworth said. "Coach is not going to rush anything, and he wants me to get my feet under me so I can play well.

"I'm feeling better and better and more comfortable in the whole scheme of things and what I'm doing."

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