Bill Belichick, Rex Ryan Leading Sports Pickle Poll for NFL Head Coach You’d Most Like to Punch in the Face

Head coaches Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz nearly got into a fist fight at the conclusion of the 49ers' big win over the Lions. The wide range of reactions to the altercation caused Sports Pickle to ask which NFL head coach its readers would most like to punch in the face.

The choices are Harbaugh, Schwartz, Todd Haley, Jim Caldwell, Rex Ryan, Andy Reid, Bill Belichick and other, and the website inserts a blurb at the end of each poll selection that adds an interesting twist to the topic.

The frontrunners in the voting as of Monday evening were none other than Belichick and Ryan. The rival coaches are ahead by a landslide, with each receiving around 30 percent of the votes.

The site says of Ryan, "it would be fun to punch him in the face right after he predicts that I'm not going to punch him in the face".

For Belichick, the site brings back the Spygate scandal by saying, "based on your question, there's no rule that says I have to stop punching him after the one punch to the face, right?"

As for Sunday's dueling coaches, the website says of Schwartz: "I have nothing against the guy but, wow, that is a punchable face he's got on him." For Harbaugh, the blurb reads, "I simply don't care for firm handshakes and/or I am Jim Schwartz."

Sports Pickle is a website that makes light of sports news, often at the expense of those in the news. They don't hold any punches in this latest poll.

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