Brandon Marshall's Mistakes Help Dolphins 'Suck for Luck,' But Colts Remain Front-Runners for Stanford QuarterbackMaybe Brandon Marshall just wants to catch passes from Andrew Luck next season. That might be the best explanation for inexplicably heading out of bounds rather than, you know, running freely down the field for a touchdown early during Monday’s loss to the Jets.

That wasn’t the Dolphins’ only problem at the New Meadowlands, but with ineptitude comes hope. For Monday’s defeat kept the Dolphins on pace for the top pick in the draft.

Time will tell if they suck enough to take Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, the no-doubt-about-it No. 1 pick in the draft class. With 11 weeks left in the regular season, let’s take a gander at the teams leading the charge in the Suck for Luck sweepstakes.

Colts (0-6): The only 0-6 team in the NFL just handed Peyton Manning a $90 million contract. Would the Colts want to put Luck on the bench for three, four or five years before handing him the keys to the franchise? If the Colts wind up with the top pick, it would be one of the most fascinating draft storylines in history.

Dolphins (0-5): No organization needs Luck more than the Dolphins, whose star-crossed owners would be bailed out after running the football operations into the ground for several years now.

Rams (0-5): The Rams put the future of their franchise on Sam Bradford‘s shoulders when they made him the top pick in 2010, and that’s fine because he should be a great one. They should open the bidding on the trade market and make out just fine.

Jaguars (1-5): If the Jags are sold on rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert — and if he leads them to the league’s worst record, they shouldn’t be — then they can pass on Luck. That could turn into a huge mistake.

Vikings (1-5): Ditto for the Vikings and 12th overall pick Christian Ponder. One break for the Jaguars and Vikings, they paid their quarterbacks during the first year of the rookie salary scale, so the financial burden would be manageable.

Panthers (1-5): The Panthers are in the same boat as the Rams. Cam Newton is another No. 1 pick, and the teams’ respective injuries and depth chart issues aren’t a reflection on the quarterback. It would be auction time.

Cardinals (1-4): Quarterback Kevin Kolb signed a six-year, $65 million contract this season, so the Cardinals are hamstrung with him in the mix. Still, they’d need to take a chance on Luck. Not sure Kolb is in Luck’s league.

Broncos (1-4): Tim Tebow wouldn’t dare allow this team to finish with the league’s worst record, would he?

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