Brett Favre ‘Surprised It Took So Long’ for Aaron Rodgers to Win Super Bowl With Packers


For all the love Brett Favre received for being a “winner” throughout his career, a person could be forgiven for assuming the Southern Mississippi gunslinger won no less than a half-dozen Super Bowls in his 16-year career.

Favre only one won championship, though, and while that may be enough for Cheeseheads to deify him, he’s apparently not all that impressed with current Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers winning exactly the same amount of Super Bowls thus far.

“He just kind of fell into a good situation,” Favre told Atlanta rado station 790 The Zone, according to Sports Radio Interviews. “On top of that, he’s a good player.”

Here’s where we pause to look up “good” in our Merriam-Webster. Hmmm… 24-of-39 passing for 304 yards and three touchdowns in a Super Bowl victory seems to qualify as something a little better than “good.” Choose your own superlative.

(For what it’s worth, Favre was 14-for-27 passing for 246 yards and two touchdowns in Super Bowl XXXI. And you might remember that Desmond Howard had more than a little to do with the Packers beating the Patriots that day.)

Favre wasn’t just piling on Rodgers, though. Always the equal-opportunity critic for anyone except himself, Favre subtly dissed his own former teammates, such as Pro Bowlers LeRoy Butler, Mark Chmura, Antonio Freeman and Hall of Famer Reggie White.

“That talent around [Rodgers] is even better than when I was there,” he added. “So I’m really kind of surprised it took him so long.”

Another fact-check: Favre won his Super Bowl in his sixth year as starter. Rodgers won his Super Bowl in his third year as a starter, after spending the first three backing up Favre.

Keep talking, Brett. I can do this all day.


One thing we can all agree on: Those headphones look totally ridiculous.

Brett Favre 'Surprised It Took So Long' for Aaron Rodgers to Win Super Bowl With Packers
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“From my point of view, Texas gave me the best chance to put a ring on my finger, and I am just two steps away from it. Hopefully, that happens.”
— Former Red Sox third baseman Adrian Beltre, who hit three home runs Tuesday in the Rangers’ Game 4 win over the Rays in the American League Division Series, on his decision to sign with the Rangers as a free agent in the offseason


That’s all that really needs to be said.

Brett Favre 'Surprised It Took So Long' for Aaron Rodgers to Win Super Bowl With Packers


Way too much free time on their hands, or just enough?

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