Brian Cashman, Yankees Portrayed in ‘Moneyball’ Spoof Titled ‘Too Much Moneyball’ (Video)


October 4, 2011

The plot of Moneyball is an inspiring one. You have the Oakland Athletics, with their limited payroll, trying to fight off big market teams. It's a nice story, yes, but in the end, the A's never actually found postseason success in the form of a World Series win.

And while Billy Beane and the A's may have revolutionized the game, it's still much tougher for Oakland to compete for the World Series than say, the New York Yankees, owners of the largest payroll in baseball. 

So what would happen if the Yankees' quest for world titles by spending and spending more were romanticized like Michael Lewis' book and the movie based on it? Well, it may look a little something like this.

Check out the Too Much Moneyball spoof below from the YouTube page with a tip of the cap to former Padres, Blue Jays and Rays pitcher and best-selling author Dirk Hayhurst's Twitter page.

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