The Bruins are off to a 3-7-0 start, which is the worst record by a Stanley Cup defending team through the first 10 games since 1994.

What is even more perplexing is that it's difficult to pinpoint exactly where the Bruins are going off the tracks. While they've been undisciplined and have seen their fair share of struggles offensively and defensively, it's difficult to point to one sole reason for the Bruins' early-season woes.

NESN's Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley discussed the team's slump after it dropped a frustrating 4-2 decision to the Canadiens at Bell Centre Saturday night. Brickley said the B's need to show that they're sick and tired of losing. Their next chance to prove that they are will be Tuesday against the Ottawa Senators at TD Garden.

To hear more from Jack and Brick, check out the video above from NESN Daily.