Chad Ochocinco Can’t Tweet From His Account After Losing Bet in ‘Madden,’ Uses Fiance Evelyn Lozada’s Twitter Account Instead


Chad Ochocinco is a Twitter All-Star. He's been deemed a "must-follow" in the past, and has constantly entertained the Twitterverse with his witty and unpredictable comments.

But the Patriots wide receiver has gone off the grid in recent weeks, with his last tweet coming on Sept. 24. The Boston Herald's Ian Rapoport said this week that Ochocinco's Twitter inactivity is the result of him losing a bet with a friend. Apparently, the Pats wideout, who said he never gambles but made an exception, can't tweet for three weeks.

Ochocinco may have found a loophole, though.

On Monday, he started tweeting again. Only this time, he did so from his fiance Evelyn Lozada's account, which he used to reveal that the bet he lost came in a game of Madden.

Here are a couple of Ochocinco's tweets from Lozada's account on Monday:

Chad Ochocinco Can't Tweet From His Account After Losing Bet in 'Madden,' Uses Fiance Evelyn Lozada's Twitter Account Instead

Ochocinco later admitted that he and Lozada switched phones for 24 hours. While his tweets indicate that he's since called 73 people that he suspected were other guys, we'll just chalk the whole situation up to "Chad being Chad."

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