There are ways to celebrate goals, and there are ways to not celebrate goals. Pretending to shoot your teammate in the forehead would fall in the latter category.

Marco Fabian of Chivas scored a goal against Tecos over the weekend, giving his side a 2-0 lead. He then celebrating by using his hand to imitate a handgun, cocking it and firing away at a teammate’s head. The teammate fell to the ground, and Fabian’s teammates came over to complete the celebration.

The response to the celebration was quick, forcing the club to issue a statement.

“We regret the celebration carried out by our players Marco Fabian and Alberto Medina after the goal Fabian scored against the Estudiantes Tecos team,” Chivas said, according to Sky News. “[They] will be reprimanded by the institution, because they are an example for the children and young people of our country.”