Gary Guyton Honoring His Mother, a Breast Cancer Survivor, by Wearing Pink Gear


Gary Guyton Honoring His Mother, a Breast Cancer Survivor, by Wearing Pink Gear FOXBORO, Mass. — Sunday will be an important day for Patriots linebacker Gary Guyton.

His mother, Janice, a breast cancer survivor, will be in attendance at Gillette Stadium for the Pats' crucial game against the Jets. And since the NFL makes a strong push every October to raise awareness for breast cancer, Guyton will be fully decked out in pink gear.

Guyton said his mother tries to travel from Georgia for three or four games per season, but she jokes that she'll only do it before the snow starts to fall in the northeast.

"I'm definitely glad she's coming," Guyton said. "It means a lot to me. That's my mother. I love her to death from now until the end of the world. Having her here to give support for me is all great for me."

Guyton will also take on a more significant role in the defense since the Patriots won't have captain Jerod Mayo at their disposal. Either Guyton or Dane Fletcher will be in charge of making the play calls, but the two inside linebackers will have to step up with Brandon Spikes to ease the sting of Mayo's knee injury.

Guyton has done it before, perhaps playing the best three games of his career when the Patriots lost Mayo to a knee injury in 2009, and he'll have to raise to that level again. Guyton said he'll "probably sit down and talk" with Mayo prior to Sunday to soak up any advice he can to be prepared for the Jets.

"Back then [in 2009], a situation happened [with Mayo's knee]," Guyton said. "I guess it reoccurred or whatever, so I'm here now to work. I've done it before, and I feel comfortable doing it."

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