Grady Little's Decision, Rick Pitino Era Among Things Boston Sports Fans Could Use DeLorean to Change (Photos)Boston sports fans have seen their share of misery in the past despite an embarrassment of riches that has rained down upon the city in the last decade or so. Many times, that misery has come thanks to some unforgettable moments that could have been avoided if just one different decision was made.

If only there were some way of going back in time to make things even the slightest bit different, those instances of heartbreak and disappointment could have been avoided.

Enter the DeLorean.

One of the famous models of the car used in the Back to the Future movies will hit the auction block in a couple of months offering one lucky (and rich) fan of the trilogy to purchase a piece of cinematic history.

Or, it could give a Boston sports fan who isn't happy with just dominating the sports world for the last 10 years a way to alter the past and bring a few more trophies to Title Town just by revving up the DeLorean to 88 and letting the flux capacitator take over.

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