High School Cheerleaders’ Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirt Slogan ‘Feel for Lumps, Save Your Bumps’ Banned


Breast cancer will affect 232,620 new patients in 2011, according to American Cancer Society estimates, and lead to 39,970 deaths. Each new case means months of treatment for the patient and each death may mean mental anguish for family members.

But in attempts to raise awareness for this life-threatening condition, school administrations in Gilbert, Ariz., are the latest to get queasy over any reference to breasts.

Uh, oh. I just typed “breast.” Hopefully the parental control on your browser blocks anyone under the age of 18 from reading this article. Because that’s what is really important here: Not raising awareness to fight cancer, but making sure teenagers don’t reference body parts. Ever. 

First “Save the Boobies” and “I Love Boobies” were deamed too controversial for some schools. Now “Feel for Lumps, Save Your Bumps” has Gilbert High School administrators taking action, the Arizona Republic reports. Cheerleaders at the school got that slogan printed on pink T-shirts, which they planned to wear while collecting money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure to fund breast cancer research.

School officials, apparently of the opinion that the slogan is innapropriate, banned the shirts. They didn’t stop there. They threatened a newspaper reporter at Friday’s football with arrest, and barred a TV crew from entering the stadium, according to the Republic.

Breast cancer awareness slogans have been a controversial topic for years, with some claiming the catchy slogans trivialize the disease while others argue the slogans promote fundraising and encourage women to be aware of the threat.

The irony is that by attempting to restrict the supposedly racy message, the school has made it more popular. The cheerleaders have been flooded with phone calls from people wanting to order the shirts, and anyone who wants to buy one for $15 can simply email saveyourbumps@yahoo.com.


Warning. The image below is graphic (according to Gilbert High School officials).

High School Cheerleaders' Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirt Slogan 'Feel for Lumps, Save Your Bumps' Banned
Screengrab courtesy of KPHO CBS 5


“If you can’t give me three hours, do you really need to play video games and drink beers for three hours?”
— former Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell on rumors of pitchers’ clubhouse activities during games 


Will we ever again see these words written in a positive sense?

High School Cheerleaders' Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirt Slogan 'Feel for Lumps, Save Your Bumps' Banned


This guy is one dedicated fan.

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