Jim Harbaugh may have annoyed a lot of people with the way he acted on Sunday afternoon in Detroit. The 49ers head coach went viral when he and Lions coach Jim Schwartz had a little dust-up following San Francicsco’s emotional win at Ford Field.

If you haven’t seen video of the skirmish yet, come out from underneath that rock you’ve been under and hit the play button on the video below.

Following the game, Harbaugh was in no mood to apologize for the way he handles himself on the sideline or anywhere else for that matter.

“To see your guys go out and perform that way, yeah, you do get emotional,” Harbaugh said after the game. “It fires me up. It fires me up a lot. I’m not going to apologize for that. If that offends you or anyone else, so be it.”

Schwartz was obviously not happy about the way that “Coach Harbaugh” handled his business following the game, and the Lions coach made that apparent after the game. Hopefully for Schwartz’s sake, he didn’t see the footage from Harbaugh’s postgame address to his team in which Harbaugh was still pretty darn fired up.

Upsetting an opposing coach is nothing new for Harbaugh, though. He and Pete Carroll had a little spat a few years back when both were coaching college football in the conference formerly known as the Pac-10.

Back in 2009, Harbaugh’s Stanford team was blowing out USC when Harbaugh decided to go for a two-point conversion following a late touchdown with the game out of hand. That set the stage for another memorable postgame meeting at midfield when a puzzled Carroll could only ask Harbaugh what his deal was.