There has been plenty of talk in the weeks following the Red Sox' historic collapse about reported in-game behavior from members of the Boston pitching staff. Just about everyone chimed in on the issue except for the players who were being mentioned in various reports.

That changed Monday when Jon Lester spoke with Peter Abraham of The Boston Globe and admitted that there was indeed drinking going on in the Red Sox clubhouse, but the left-hander was quick to downplay the situation.

Abraham said Monday on NESN Daily that he spoke with Lester for more than an hour about everything that transpired this season. Abraham said that it was a good step by Lester to come clean about things and try to "get out in front of it" before the 2012 season begins when ultimately, the southpaw and the rest of the Sox would have to answer for all of the allegations.

See the video above from NESN Daily for much more from Peter Abraham on the Jon Lester conversation, and be sure to check out the entire story in Tuesday's Globe.