Josh Hamilton Hopes Baseball Fans Avoid Red Sox Drama, Tune In to World SeriesIt's pretty evident that Major League Baseball wants the Red Sox and Cubs to wait until the World Series is over to announce any sort of deal regarding Theo Epstein. They're not alone on that front, as one of the game's best players is hoping the focus stays on the Fall Classic.

Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton is hoping that baseball fans everywhere will tune out the Red Sox' general manager and manager hunts and any sort additional beer-drinking rumors and instead focus on the Rangers and Cardinals meeting up in the World Series.

"Right now, the two teams that got it done are here," Hamilton said, according to "Hopefully the focus will be on them, not worrying about where Boston is and what they're going to do with their GMs or pitching or whatever."

The Rangers and Cardinals are set to play Game 1 of the World Series on Wednesday in St. Louis.