LSU Has Fake Punt Touchdown Against Florida Called Back Because of Taunting Penalty (Video)


Fake punts are fun. They're especially fun when they work.

There's just something awesome about watching a punter go outside his typical role in order to try and make a play.

Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. And sometimes the punter gets a bit carried away with his celebrations, resulting in a 15-yard penalty that negates a touchdown.

On Saturday, after a penalty forced LSU to punt again, head coach Les Miles decided to roll the dice and called for a fake punt. LSU punter Brad Wing took the snap and was off to the races, picking up some key blocks along the way.

But after Wing crossed the goal line, the celebration was shortlived. The refs determined that Wing had taunted the Florida defense en route to the score, and they penalized him for unsportsmanlike conduct. College rules state that live-ball penalties are assessed from the spot of the foul, meaning the touchdown didn't count.

LSU eventually had to settle for a field goal on the drive.

Check out the strange play in the video below.

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