Manchester City Hopes to Finish Carlos Tevez Investigation in Coming Days


October 4, 2011

Manchester City plans to conclude its investigation of striker Carlos Tevez's actions in last week's Champions League fixture against Bayern Munich within 48 hours.

According to City boss Roberto Mancini, Tevez refused to enter the match as a substitute when approached by the manager during the Citizens' 2-0 loss to Bayern last Tuesday. After the match, an incensed Mancini claimed Tevez would never play for him again and was "finished" under the Italian gaffer. For his part, Tevez claims that it was a simple communication error and hopes the misunderstanding will blow over.

Manchester City officials seem to be at the end of their line with Tevez, as the Argentine striker has spent the better part of a year waffling between demanding a transfer and proclaiming his commitment to the club.

The striker has already lost the captain's armband to Belgian center back Vincent Kompany, but things could be about to get much worse for the former Manchester United player.

City have a wealth of options at its disposal, and appear to be intent on drawing a line in the sand over what they consider to be an act of outright mutiny. Depending on the club's investigation, repercussions range from an extended suspension to a termination of his contract, which could see Tevez surrender millions of dollars in wages and fines.

Tevez has always been something of a loose cannon, but, when focused, his goal scoring ability and work rate are amongst the best in the world and while his time with City may be coming to an end, the Carlos Tevez saga will surely roll on to another club.

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