The Lingerie Football League insists that it's breaking down barriers for women. But the league's most recent efforts are a bit puzzling.

The LFL has recruited Michael Jackson's 13-year-old daughter, Paris, to be the face of the league, TMZ reports.

The league reportedly took notice when Paris Jackson became the first female in her Los Angeles private school to join the flag football team earlier this month. League commissioner Mitchell S. Mortaza then sent a letter to the Jackson estate in the hopes that she would become a spokesperson for the league's youth program.

Wait, what? Youth program in the Lingerie Football League? Say it ain't so.

Well, apparently Mortaza thinks there's a lack of options for competitive female football, stating in the letter that the league will "be introducing youth clinics across the country to introduce the game of football to young ladies at an earlier stage in life."

Mortaza also said in the letter, "We … would like to invite Paris to become the spokesperson for the LFL's youth program and perhaps start training for a future football career in the LFL when she reaches the age of 18."

According to TMZ, LFL officials have said that no one in the youth program will actually wear lingerie.

The situation remains puzzling, and weird, nonetheless.