Mike Lowell Addresses Red Sox’ Reported Clubhouse Behavior, Says Winning Would Have Solved Chemistry Issues


Mike Lowell Addresses Red Sox' Reported Clubhouse Behavior, Says Winning Would Have Solved Chemistry IssuesMike Lowell has been around the baseball block quite a few times. He’s been around the block in Boston, too, so there isn’t much the former third baseman hasn’t seen.

Keeping that in mind, Lowell is just the person you’d want to talk to about all of the drama, allegations and everything else that has surrounded the Sox in the last month or so.

Lowell was a guest on the Dan LeBatard Radio Show on Friday, and he was asked about the rumored beer drinking that allegedly went on in the Red Sox clubhouse this season.

“If they’re not pitching and they’re just folded up on the bench or the table and just drinking beer, I think someone needs to be spoken to,” Lowell said. “The video games, I think is something that’s unacceptable. If you can’t give me three hours, do you really need to play video games and drink beers for three hours?”

However, Lowell said that a pitcher heading up to the clubhouse for a couple of innings isn’t something that necessarily bothers him if it’s not for too long.

“If a non-throwing pitcher comes in [to the clubhouse] in an 8-2 game and pops [a beer] open in the eighth inning, I’m not gonna have a huge problem about it.

“If they’re not supporting their teammates and it’s the third inning, and they’re frat house-type style, I think there’s a problem.

“I never saw it, so if I hear a pitcher is in the clubhouse for two innings, that’s fine, I just don’t want a pitcher in their for six innings — what if we have a brawl? I wanna feel supported by the pitcher just like I’m sure the day he’s pitching he wants to be supported by everyone else.”

Lowell also talked about policing a clubhouse from within, something that he admits he’s done in the past. As a teammate of Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett in both Florida and Boston, Lowell admitted that he’s spoken to Beckett before, someone he claims is a good friend of his. Of course, Lowell used Beckett purely as an example, though.

“I’ve jumped [Beckett’s] ship a couple of times,” Lowell explained. “I’ve gotten on him a couple of times. Sometimes you gotta know if the guy’s mature enough to be told something. If you say something to someone and turn him off, are you really creating something that’s positive?

“That’s the whole Manny Ramirez thing. Grady Little tried, and benched him for seven days in 2003, and he lost him for three weeks.”

Lowell also made sure to mention that had the Red Sox gone on to win the World Series, this probably wouldn’t be a story at all.

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