Imagine paying a nickel to take public transportation to a major league stadium, walking onto the field and shooting video of major league players with your own camera.

In today's era this would never happen. But in 1957, that's exactly what Moe Resner did.

Using his personal 16-millimeter camera, Resner captured the final New York Giants game at the Polo Grounds in New York on Sept. 29, 1957.

"My hobby was photography and I just happened to bring this camera," Resner told the Society For American Baseball Research. "I was living in the Bronx at the time. I paid five cents to ride the subway up to the Polo Grounds. I went down to the box seats and climbed over the railing. They just let me in! I was on the field for three hours, including the whole game."

Resner's camera caught all the action as the Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the Giants 9-1 in front of 11,606. On the field for the entire game, Resner also got footage of the pregame ceremony featuring Willie Mays, Bobby Thomson, Carl Hubbell, Rube Marquard and others.

"I met everybody," Resner said. "I shot Bobby Thomson pointing to the left-field stands, where he hit his famous home run. Marquard and Hubbell, the two Hall of Fame Giant left-handers, had never met each other until they shook hands on the field that day."

The iconic footage, shot in color, is being sold on DVD for $20 (including $5.75 for shipping and handling) at at

Check out a preview of the DVD, entitled "End of an Era", in the video below.