Paul Pierce hasn't been able to get back to playing basketball yet with the NBA lockout going strong. So it was pretty obvious that he'd be getting into the Halloween spirit again this year. Once again, The Truth delivered.

Pierce and a few of his Celtics teammates had a Halloween party last season and they were kind enough to post the photos to Twitter. This year, Pierce is carrying on the tradition, by donning a Buzz Lightyear costume from the Toy Story movie series.

"Looks like I'm Buzzin happy Halloween," Pierce tweeted.

The obvious question here is, how did a 6-foot-7 forward find a Buzz Lightyear costume that fit? 

Anyway, check out the photo below from Pierce's Twitter account (@paulpierce34).

Paul Pierce Follows Up Frog Halloween Costume by Dressing as Buzz Lightyear From 'Toy Story' (Photo)