The big news regarding Theo Epstein potentially heading to Chicago is that there is not yet news.

The Red Sox and Cubs remain stalemated on compensation negotiations, according to

But if and when Epstein joins Cubs, he reportedly will be permitted to take one prominent member of the Red Sox organization with him. According to's Gordon Edes, executive vice president of business affairs Jonathan Gilula and trainer Mike Reinold are two names that have surfaced.

Edes also reports there is still some uncertainty what title Epstein would hold with the Cubs, but that there is credence to reports he would become president and then hire a general manager — rather than hold dual titles. San Diego Padres general manager Jed Hoyer has been one name that's been tossed around.

With the Cardinals and Rangers set to kick off the World Series on Wednesday, it looks like any announcement on the Epstein front will have to wait until at least Friday — an off-day for the World Series — because Major League Baseball prohibits major news announcments during the World Series. If an announcement is to come Friday, commissioner Bud Selig would have to give permission.