New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton is even tougher than the players he coaches.

Payton was taken out at the knees on a play that spilled over to the sideline during Sunday's Saints-Buccaneers game. Saints tight end Jimmy Graham was tackled into Payton.

But while Payton appeared to be in pain, the gutsy coach continued to coach his team from the bench after being carried over to it. The Saints players alternated clearing out their two sideline benches between possessions to allow Payton to see from his seat until he was driven off the field on a golf cart with 3:40 left in the first half, The Associated Press reports.

Payton has reportedly suffered a torn MCL and has fractured the tibia in his left leg.

Check out the strange play in the video below. Then, check out Payton's temporary coaching seat.

Saints' Sean Payton Injures Knee on Play at Sideline, But Toughs It Out and Coaches From Bench (Video)Photo: Twitpic/@jose3030