Tampa Bay Lightning Flugtag Effort Proves Team Should Stick to Hockey (Video)


The Tampa Bay Lightning are good at hockey. What they are not good at is flying. Or at least, flying in Flugtag events.

Earlier this month, the Lightning entered a team into the 2011 Red Bull Flugtag event in Tampa, urging fans to join the fun and "Be the Thunder."

The Lightning team, which consisted of Tampa Bay employees, described their glider as "a colossal bolt of lightning … wheeled by a great big hockey puck." Obviously, it was doomed for greatness.

The Red Bull Flugtag event encourages participants to build human-powered flying machines and then push them off of a 30-foot high deck before splashing down into water below. Teams are judged on the distance their flying craft travels, as well as creativity and style.

You would think that "Being the Thunder" would entail staying up in the air and not, say, plummeting straight down into the water. But who are we to know how lightning behaves? We're not Benjamin Franklin.

Check out video of the Lightning team's effort below, via the Tampa Bay Lightning on WhoSay.

Thumbnail via Facebook.

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