Tim McCarver Calls ‘Strike’ a ‘Five-Letter Word,’ Spells It Out During World Series Broadcast


Oct 20, 2011

It's too bad that the sports world doesn't offer approval ratings like you see with the president, because Tim McCarver might be the all-time record holder for lowest rating in the history of baseball.

The FOX color analyst seems like a pretty nice guy, and he's got two World Series and two All-Star appearances on his baseball resume, but his broadcasts are … not always the best.

Wednesday night was the latest example, when McCarver offered up a gem.

"It's a five-letter word. S-T-R-I-K-E," McCarver said.

In the days before Twitter, he may have gotten away with it for the most part, but it immediately spread like wildfire. McCarver later poked fun at himself for making the counting error, but it doesn't make this picture from Mocksession any less hilarious.

Tim McCarver Calls 'Strike' a 'Five-Letter Word,' Spells It Out During World Series Broadcast

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