Vote: What Is the Most Memorable Individual Performance of 2011 World Series?If this turns out to be the last time we see Albert Pujols in a Cardinals uniform — aren't you sick of hearing that? — don't forget the great Pujols put forth forgettable performances in six of the seven World Series games. The soon-to-be free agent had a lone hit in Games 1 and 2 and 4 through 7.

Fortunately for Pujols, his five-hit, three-homer outburst in Game 3 will overshadow his struggles in every other game, but even his historic showing was only one of many unforgettable moments in the 2011 World Series.

This series will be remembered for the Cardinals' stirring triple-comeback in Game 6 en route to their 11th championship in seven games. That wild game was only made possible by the heroics — and unforgivable mistakes — of the players and managers involved. David Freese's walk-off home run will be replayed in St. Louis for as long as baseball is played, but Nelson Cruz misplaying a fly ball that would have clinched the Rangers' first title will be recalled with agony in Texas.

Freese got hot in the National League Championship Series and never cooled down, capturing both the NLCS and World Series Most Valuable Player trophies. But if the Rangers had secured the title, the shoe would be on the other foot – Mike Napoli's swollen left foot, to be specific, after the catcher's 10-RBI series despite a cringe-inducing left ankle injury in Game 6.

Cruz isn't the only goat, however. Had the Cardinals not pulled off their impossible comeback in Game 6, St. Louis manager Tony La Russa would have been in for a long offseason filled with questions over his mishandling of the bullpen in Game 5. Whether due to crowd noise or a bad bullpen phone connection, the Cardinals didn't have the relievers they needed in the late innings and lost the game as a result.

What is the most memorable individual performance of the 2011 World Series?