Zoltan Mesko Willing to Trade Places With Jon Bon Jovi for Chance to ‘Crowd Surf a Little Bit’


Zoltan Mesko leads a pretty charmed life — some may even say he lives the life of a superhero — so he's not extraordinarily interested in trading his situation for anyone else's.

If you made him choose, though, there's a certain rock star who he wouldn't mind trading places with for a day.

"Nobody," Mesko said in Patriots Football Weekly when asked who in the world he'd want to trade places with. "Well, maybe a rock star. Maybe [Jon] Bon Jovi. He's pretty cool."

There are some specific rules, though.

"But it has to be a concert day, where I could crowd surf a bit," Mesko said.

Bon Jovi has been a regular guest at Patriots practices in recent years, due to Bill Belichick being a longtime fan, so there is a chance it could happen.

Mesko was also asked in the interview if he wishes he had any talent that he doesn't currently have. The 25-year-old had an eye on the future.

"Probably play golf a little better," he said, "because it will serve me until I'm 80, until my hip pops out."

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