Much was made in the wake of the Red Sox' historic collapse about leadership within the clubhouse and in the organization. A month later, the Sox have a drastic new look, with more changes to come. 

First baseman Adrian Gonzalez insists that, while the collapse was obviously not what anyone had in mind, the issues that sprung up following the season were overblown. He spoke about it on NESN Daily on Wednesday. 

"The first thing is I felt that we all had each other's backs, and I think we still do. That's not something that was ever questioned. I think we all believed in each other and we all pulled together.

"If we were in the playoffs, no one would have made any kind of issue out of it," he told Randy Scott. "The clubhouse itself had leadership. We all pulled for together and we got along. It was a good clubhouse, I felt. The only thing that is I guess missing, is the playoffs. That's our goal, that's our mindset, that's what we're looking to next year."

See the video above for much more from Gonzalez, including his thoughts on playing in Boston as well as what he thinks the Red Sox need in their next manager.