Ben Cherington Expresses Desire to Have David Ortiz Back With Red Sox, Says They've Had a Lot of DialogueJonathan Papelbon has left town, but general manager Ben Cherington and the Red Sox are doing whatever they can to ensure the same doesn't happen with David Ortiz.

Cherington said that he's had a lot of dialogue with Ortiz and his agent, and he made it clear that he'd love to have Ortiz continue to play in Boston, according to an report.

"David knows we want him to be here," Cherington said. "We want him to be back with the Red Sox. We want him in our lineup. We've had a lot of dialogue to see if there's a way to do that and I think that will continue."

Cherington wouldn't confirm whether or not he made Ortiz an offer, according to, but he did discuss the way the market is, and he feels like a deal with Ortiz seems more likely than one with Papelbon did.

"What I feel, and I think he feels, [is] a little bit more of a defined market for that role," the Sox GM said. "It's been easier to engage sooner and it's less likely to be a situation where he gets into the market and there's something that he pushed on, or pushed into a corner on."